Milner Hall

The largest and most impressive of the three public rooms, the Milner Hall is ideal for large-scale events, such as weddings, product launches, receptions and presentations

Named after Lord Milner, whom Rhodes chose in his will to be a trustee of the Rhodes Trust, the Milner Hall is accessed via doors from the middle of the grand oak-panelled gallery.

The Milner Hall features stone walls, a barrel vaulted ceiling, two imposing black marble fireplaces and a raised bay with stone-mullioned windows. At one end is a raised stage and top table, and at the other end stone columns support a gallery. An oak door provides direct access to the courtyard garden, which can also be enjoyed via the Milner Hall’s large windows.

Technical Information:

Reception/Buffet: 200
Dinner: 150
Size: 16.7m x 7.9m (excluding raised stage and raised bay)
Access: direct access to courtyard garden


  • All windows can be easily curtained
  • All rooms are interconnected
  • All rooms have three-phase power
  • All rooms look out onto the gardens
  • There is access to all rooms and the gardens for visitors with disabilities.

Ideal for:

Product launches